Nice to meet you in Circle.us and we’d like to call you “Circler”, who is very special to us.

OK, be ready, a new world is coming.

Circle.us is a web-based system for order processing, shipping and fulfillment. We consolidate all your sales channels, shippers, vendors and fulfillment providers in one circle to facilitate post-order operations.

Integration with multiple carriers (UPS, FedEx, and USPS) and selling channels (Amazon and eBay), enables sellers to manage orders across all web stores in real time and take advantage of huge-discounted shipping rates.

Orders from all sources are consolidated in a simple screen where labels and packing slips can be printed in batch (unlimited in a single batch), and kept updated with shipping status and tracking information, no more switching between a number of software.

By maximizing the shipping efficiency, Circle.us is a fantastic time & money saver. No carrier account needed. Your business is simplified, automated, and seamlessly connected.

Our value is not just about integrating the core services into one single location, but also about building a seller-oriented eCommerce ecosystem, or we call it, “business circle”.

You are invited to be the architect of that Circle.us and we are the builder.


Circle.us Team